Feb 10, 2016 5:57:33 AM - With Acquafiller.com Dermal Fillers USA and UK, customers enjoy an easy, affordable way to buy online permanent fillers injections and hyaluronic acid dermal fillers in UK, while dramatically reducing shipping costs and cutting shipping times to Europe by up to 75 percent.

"Say goodbye to customs issues!"

By storing products closer to our customers, Acquafiller.com can significantly reduce shipping costs and times, and quickly respond to spikes in seasonal demand. For example, per-item economy shipments to Europe can take over two months, and airmail is prohibitively expensive.

Acquafiller.com Dermal Fillers UK

Not only does paperwork have to be completed by Acquafiller for each shipment, but buyers often reject orders when confronted with unexpected VAT tax bills, resulting in expensive international returns.

By storing Pmma Permanent dermal fillers, cross-linked hyaluronic acid and Caha in our new UK warehouse near London, most European ground shipments can be delivered in just 3-5 days, with little or no paperwork.

2-day shipping available for US customers for selected products.